10 reasons why blending outdoor and online workouts are a win-win

When I launched outdoor bootcamps on Wandsworth Common back in 2006, I’d have thought you’d be off your rocker if you’d have said I’d end up running online bootcamps a few years later. After all, I was such a fan of the fresh air and a complete technophobe!

But what I realized from training thousands of women over the years is that whilst outdoor workouts are truly amazing (read the top 10 reasons on why to train with FFAP), the flexibility of surplus online workouts combined with nutrition and lifestyle advice are essential for many women. Particularly for those who are very busy with work, have young children or move out of the area and can’t come to FFAP as much as they’d like. And of course for those who need positive food education and inspiration!

As I retrained as an online coach via an online program, I also experienced first hand as a client the benefits of being able to improve an area of your life online.   As a result, I set up my online coaching hub – www.makingthingseasy.com – that runs alongside FFAP where I’ve created a variety of online bootcamps and lifestyle programs for women.

So to give you some additional insight into why the outdoor-online combo is so powerful, here are my 10 reasons on why it’s a win-win!

Never miss a workout again- If you sleep though your alarm, you can’t get out of work on time or your baby sitter cancels, you have no excuse not to workout. For any Mums reading this, your children will also LOVE watching you workout.

Exercising with the boys

All workouts are taught by FFAP trainers – whether with me, Sarah Honey-Lawson, Jo Flury or current FFAP head trainer Katie Skrine, you’ll get the FFAP ethos, style and fun at your fingertips, 247!

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Mission boosters – One thing we know about our clients is that sometimes women like to go on little blitzes so even if you’ve been to four classes in a week, you might want to do some additional abs or triceps work. Or maybe the classes you’ve been to happen to have focused on arms and abs and you want to work your lower body more. Perhaps you want to drop a couple of dress sizes, or get in shape for your wedding. The online bootcamps help you mission-up your typical fitness routine!

BB Rachel before and after pink

Keep fit when you travel with work – We had many regular FFAP clients who had to give up their membership because of work/travel commitments. But with the online bootcamps, one woman was able to travel three continents in one week and still keep up with her program. Then when she was back, she could pop along to a grass class without losing her fitness levels!

Jade Webb planking in Kent

Stay fit when you’re on holiday – Some women like to kick back and do nothing on holiday (I’m usually one of those!), but others like to keep up with their training. One regular Wandsworth client who recently did an online bootcamp, has been completing her 30 minute workouts around sight seeing and wine tasting in Italy.   In fact she posted this picture of a statue her and her daughter saw and named the FFAP statue… because one person appears to be doing a one armed press up and the other a side plank!

FFAP statue

You can share your food, fitness and feeling triumphs and troubles with other women – We now use a secret facebook group where women can share stories, recipes, motivational quotes, have a moan, seek additional encouragement and support and all those things that you can’t always get from an outdoor bootcamp. Janey and Rachel (who is a former FFAP client and online bootcamp addict) are on there daily. You literally have a personal trainer in your pocket!

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You can’t out train a bad diet – And unfortunately many fit women don’t get the body results they want because of the food they eat (or don’t eat!). We’ve seen women get super fit with our FFAP workouts, but some don’t lose weight or really change shape because they don’t get their food right. We all have a six pack but it’s what is over them that stops us seeing them! Women either eat too much than they need or sometimes don’t eat enough when training and some women still believe that fitness is what gets you the best results. Well it does, but ONLY if combined with good nutrition… great abs are built in the kitchen!

It’s what you get your clients to do the other 164 hours of the week – Even if clients are training with us four times a week, really it’s the lifestyle choices and boundaries they make the other 164 hours which are crucial. Online bootcamps (especially though the webinars and daily audios) drip feed advice, solutions and mindset shifts to help women make better decisions, habits and routines regarding lifestyle. Not enough sleep, too much stress, bad liver function, adrenal fatigue (the list is endless) needs to be addressed to really help women flourish. You simply can’t help women do this whilst bashing out burpees!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.27.55

If you’re a fair-weather Princess, you have no excuse – Back in 2012, we had the worse spring/summer ever and if it wasn’t for online bootcamps, there would have been lots of girls around Wandsworth who would have been very unfit! Many women just don’t like training when it’s cold and wet (our male bootcamp associates see much less of a drop off) and that affects my stress levels and women’s waist lines! At FFAP we do have a motto that goes ‘ NO SUCH THING AS BAD WEATHER JUST BAD CLOTHES AND A BAD ATTITUDE’, but the reality is that a lot of women cannot and will not train when the weather is bad. With online bootcamps you actually don’t need to leave the house if you don’t want to!

It’s very cost-effective – FFAP is too of course. But when you total up what you get in an online bootcamp (especially because you get to keep resources for life and only pay £15 to repeat another month), it’s the perfect bargain add-on. Save pounds and lose pounds!

The NEW online SELF-CARE bootcamp is our latest offering and it’s been such a success with lots of women all over the world (and many from Wandsworth Common too!). Take a look at the details HERE and we also have a 241 offer on the program which means if you have a friend that has never done a Making Things Easy online bootcamp, they can join you for FREE! Just forward your full paying (£99) booking confirmation back to the Making Things Easy office with your self-care-buddy’s name and email address and you’re both good to go!

Next program dates are: 19th June, 3rd July, 17th July & 31s July

Don’t’ take my word for it, here are what three regular Wandsworth girls have to say…

“When I combined my regular FFAP classes with one of Making Things Easy’s bootcamps, my results rocketed!  I had always exercised but had never focussed on what I was eating, so for many years the calories I burned through gyms and bootcamps were cancelled out by a poor diet.  When I did the Best Body Bootcamp I learned more about nutrition, how to sack the ‘diet’ mentality and how to fuel my body properly.  I found that I had more energy in class and I got amazing results – in the space of a month I lost 10lb and dropped a dress size.  For the first time in years I was happy with my body, and the lessons I learned have enabled me to keep the weight off!  FFAP classes are great fun and challenging and they really increased my fitness levels and changed my shape. But the online bootcamps provided structure, goals, motivation and support from a great group of like minded ladies”. Rebecca A

“I love FFAP and have been coming for years, I train 3-4 times a week and can’t see myself doing anything else fitness wise in SW London! But when I heard everyone talking about the Best Body Bootcamp a couple of years ago I had to try it and it was the perfect add-on to my FFAP workouts. I am so glad I did both because it helped me refocus my food massively. The daily audios helped me manage my stress levels and I became much more self-motivated. My body shape changed so much (from the nutrition and lifestyle choices I was making and also because I learnt to push myself in my workouts more) and I use the online videos as back up when I have to travel with work or when I miss a workout because of the kids. I can’t recommend them enough! Louise A

“I’ve becoming to FFAP for over 5 years now but I’m an online bootcamp addict because of the flexibility they give me as a working Mum. I love the fact I can dip in and out of the bootcamps, mix outdoor workouts and double up on the online videos the next day and can take my videos with me and workout when I’m abroad! I find the online forum (and now secret Facebook group) such a motivator and even though I’ve done all three online bootcamps a few times each, I never bore of the daily audios – I get something new from them every time. Until I did the online bootcamps, I had’t managed to get the body I really wanted. I had the fitness levels from FFAP but not the body because I wasn’t focusing on eating the right things and if I couldn’t get to FFAP or went abroad I lost my fitness. The fact that Janey & the FFAP trainers are on all the videos is an extra bonus! Sometimes the FFAP trainers are doing the online bootcamps too so on the forum each day and it’s so good to them alongside you!” Sarah L

You don’t have to choose between outdoor and online, far from it – you can mix them up and love them equally as I do running both my businesses!

If anyone has any questions about which bootcamp to do or how to make online bootcamps work for you (whether an outdoor client or not!), please contact the office and I’m more than happy to call you to go through your options!

Janey x


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