10 reasons to train with FFAP!

Some research that I read a while back (published in 2006 I think), said that the 5 strongest reasons to stick to an exercise program were to:

  • Train outside
  • Train with others
  • Train in the morning
  • Train near your home, and
  • Train with trainers who know what they are doing

Now Fit for a Princess didn’t fund that research (!) but we obviously whole heartedly agree with it. And over the last 10 years, we’ve been lucky enough to witness so many women sticking to their fitness goals because of these great reasons and more!

We had 10 more reasons actually! Here they are…

Training outside has SO many health benefits – you burn more calories than doing the same exercises when inside, you get a vitamin D hit, the uneven surfaces mean you work your body harder, you have resistance to work against with the wind, when your bare hands touch the grass you experience earthing, you get a sense of freedom from moving in an open space and experiencing the seasons and training alongside nature are just some of them!




Your best friend, bridesmaid, future child’s god mother and business partner can be found at our classes – we have loved seeing so many women form life-long friendships from like-minded women they’ve met at bootcamp! Because you can chat whilst you train, we’re a super-friendly and supportive bunch and clients are so welcoming to one another, you never know who you’re going to meet. It’s delightful to see! Here I am with a few former FFAP clients in a Manhattan bar, who are now great friends and living in New York.




Watching the sun come up is good for your soul – Honestly, nothing beats being outside before most of the world is awake and seeing the sun rise at dawn. It helps put any worries or stresses into perspective and it gives you an energy and vibe that stays with you until tea time!


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.00.30


Your FFAP trainers quite simply love you and love what they do – If you could here how the trainers talk so respectfully and encouragingly of each and every one of our clients, you’d be amazed. They want each and every one of you to achieve your fitness and life goals, whatever they may be – THEY CAN SEE YOUR POTENTIAL! They always want to do a good job for you and make your day better. So thank you to all of them and also it’s great to hear that so many of our regulars think that we “have the best training team we’ve had in years” on Wandsworth Common at the moment, we really appreciate your comments. One of our trainers Alice who worked for FFAP in 2015/16 said that she was worried that an all female team could be bitchy behind the scenes. But when she joined she said she couldn’t get over how lovely, supportive and friendly everyone was and what a great team to be a part of.




It could well be the highlight of your day – When women are busy juggling work or children (or both), we’re often told that getting to one of our classes is the highlight of their day. Recently one of our clients told us this:

“I couldn’t have got through the last couple of years without FFAP. It is a real mood enhancer (especially training outside with a bunch of like minded women). It has kept me going and motivated me to live life. Without it, I don’t know where I would be, but I am sure I would have been on anti-depressants.”

You will change your body and your fitness levels – my goodness, we’ve seen some amazing body changes over the years, especially from those who jump from doing 1-2 to 3-4 classes a week with us. We’ve had women get in better shape than BEFORE they had their three children and lose 4 stones for their wedding


Nadiya before and after

(Nadiya above also completed Janey’s Food Management and Best Body Bootcamp programs as well as train with us for the whole of 2015.)

If you’re a Mum, you can bring your baby to class – As long as you’ve had your 6 week check and are feeling up to moving again, no need to book a baby sitter, bring your baby or small children to class! You can take it at your own level, get some adult conversation and speaking from experience from when I had my twins in 2008, no matter how tired you are, exercising, especially outside, really does help boost your energy and mood!


Sitt Gem and Ellison


There’s such camaraderie and motivation from working with others with similar goals (or struggles!) – we pride ourselves on the FFAP experience and a huge part of that is the camaraderie you feel from participating in one of our classes




There is no judgment on what you wear or how fit you are – No matching gym gear needed, in fact we welcome women turning up in their hubbies’ trackies and odd socks! Just get yourself there, no one will judge you or criticize you and if you happen to be the slowest or weakest in the class, don’t be put off by the fittest or fastest ones, because the chances are they were like you when they first started. Expect a welcoming smile or motivational ‘keep going’ from them over anything. They aren’t looking at you or patronizing you, they too want the best for you!




It’s just £5 per workout – you cannot get this anywhere in London we don’t think! Certainly not with the caliber of our female training team where every class is designed for women’s bodies and each trainer has their own style – no two classes are ever the same!

Lucy Pavia wrote a great review of  Fit for a Princess in 2015 called   The £5 workout that helped me lose 1/2 a stone and said “I have to admit I did initially balk at the pink packaging and ‘princess’ slogan, but the reality of an all-women class (minus the pink hoodies) is actually brilliant”

We know we’re referred to as the ‘pink brigade with those silly pink bands’ from time to time and we appreciate that as a brand we can be a little bit marmite – you either love the name and colour or hate it! But we love it, we love what we do, we’re so proud to have been running bootcamps for OVER TEN YEARS now and hopefully the new website that has been slightly de-pinked will help those that don’t share our love of it and perhaps you’ll cross over the line an join in. And you’ll never call those bands silly again when you see what they do to your triceps!

Your first class is free, all classes remain at £5, you can buy 11 drop in classes for £50 (you get one class on us!), our direct debit is just £50 a month for unlimited classes or you can lock into a school term at a time. All pricing info & how to book can be found on our pricing page HERE.

Check out our fab TRAINING TEAM too, we are all looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals and getting to know you!

Janey & the FFAP team xx



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