Founded in 2003, Fit for a Princess started out as a personal training business, but in 2006, launched outdoor workouts on Wandsworth Common and never looked back.


Janey Holliday, founder of Fit for a Princess, was previously a self-confessed exercise hater, which inspired her to create a unique concept of female-focused workouts that combine fun and friendliness with carefully constructed exercise combinations that change women’s body shapes and give women a more positive approach to training.


Fit for a Princess encourages women to train together regardless of their ability or experience, so whether you’re a complete beginner, a new mum, pregnant, twenty, sixty, or super fit, you will still get a fantastic workout with us. In essence, our workouts are designed to push those who want to be pushed to the max and support those who want to take it at their own level. All classes are taught by inspirational female trainers who are passionate about women’s fitness and love what they do!


Our aim is to empower women, whatever their age, ability, size or shape to improve their health, happiness and wellbeing with effective training whilst having a good laugh at the same time – anything is possible with the right approach and mindset to fitness.


We train outside all year round and yes this means many of our classes take place in the dark and cold during the winter months. But we have a saying at Fit for a Princess that goes “NO SUCH THING AS BAD WEATHER, JUST BAD CLOTHES AND A BAD ATTITUDE!”


We are NOT about fad diets, fancy fitness gadgets or being super skinny. We simply want to help you become the best version of YOU and strive to be fit for life!


Although we love working out in the fresh air, in 2011, Janey founded Making Things Easy – an online fitness and lifestyle business that provides online bootcamps and lifestyle programs for women. For those who love FFAP but perhaps move out of the area, can’t train with us as regularly as they’d like to or need more food and lifestyle support, it’s the perfect ad-on / alternative to our group outdoor workouts.