Katie Wright

Katie joined the team in 2014 and runs the office as well as being a trainer. After the birth of her first child, Katie decided to reasses her life and took the opportunity to retrain as a personal trainer. Working outside and in fitness combines two of her favourite things, and her friendly manner at class and when you contact the office shows just how much she loves her job!
Katie will push you in her classes to get the best out of your session. She will work you hard and increase your fitness levels whilst working on toning up your body from top to bottom. You’ll be encouraged to do as much as you can and keep each other going. She loves a burpee and a HIIT session. You may also see her in class as she makes sure she attends at least 4 sessions a week. Her husband credits Fit For a Princess with making Katie stronger, fitter and leaner than she was before she had two children!