Q. How do you calculate the pro rata amount?

A. The pro rata payment covers the cost of your membership until the date of your first direct debit. We multiply the monthly subscription by 12, and divide that number by 365 to get the daily figure and invoice you an immediate one off payment.

TIARA Direct Debit: If you sign up on the 26th July, we would invoice you an immediate one off prorate payment of £3.10 x 6 (days left in July) = £18.60, your first monthly DD of £60 will come out on the 1st business day of August (or shortly after).

Please note: that if you sign up in the last three days of the month, you will still be charged the pro rata payment BUT your first direct debit may take up to a week to be debited whilst your DD account is set up. From the second month, it will be the 1st business day (or shortly after) as usual.

Q. How do I cancel?

A. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions  you are required to give us at least 25 days notice via email by the 5th of the month. Once the final payment has been debited we will cancel any future debits.  You will receive email notification that your Direct Debit has been cancelled from GoCardless. Please see our Direct Debit policy section 3.6 for further clarification.
For example. If you had a Direct Debit with us for September through to March but were moving in April and didn’t want your membership in April, your monthly payment would come out on the 1st (or shortly after) of March to cover you for classes for March. You would need to notify us by the 5th March that you wanted to cancel your direct debit and no payment would come out on 1stApril. Your last payment would have been taken on the 1st March and you would have access to classes until 31st March inclusive

Q. What is the Direct Debit Guarantee?

A. The Direct Debit Guarantee offers protection to customers paying by Direct Debit in the rare event that there is an error in a payment. It entitles them to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid, approved automatically by their bank. If a customer receives a refund they are not entitled to, they must pay it back at the organisation’s request. Dispute resolution takes place outside of the Direct Debit scheme.

Q. Who are GoCardless?

A.  GoCardless is the easiest and safest way to for companies like Fit for a Princess to accept Direct Debit payments online and they now serve more businesses than any other UK Provider. Security is of utmost importance at GoCardless, who take a number of steps to ensure our customers’ data remains safe at all times – all sensitive details are RSA encrypted and only communicated over secure channels.  If you have any further questions please have a look at their FAQs or please contact us in the office and we would be happy to assist. We have no access to your bank details or address, only name and email address.
Please note: We do however require you to fill out an electronic PAR Q fitness questionnaire so that we have your full name, address and health details on file.
Q. What is your Direct Debit policy?

A. Our Direct Debit policy is designed to protect you as a client and us as a business. Please read our Direct Debit policy as part of our terms and conditions that you must agree to when signing up to a Direct Debit.

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership?

A. Yes, just contact us in the office with your request and we will be able to assist by adjusting your monthly payment amount on the back system. But this needs to be done by the 5th of the month for any changes you want to be made for the following month.

Q. Can I freeze my membership while on holiday?

A. We do not offer freezing of accounts, but you can cancel so long as you let us know by the 5thof the previous month.

Q. Can I cancel my membership for a couple of months?

A. You can cancel your membership at anytime by giving us at least 25 days notice via email on the 5th of the month. However if you wanted to sign back in within 3 calendar months, there would be a £25 admin fee added to your first payment.

Q. What if I just want to join for a month?

A. There is a minimum two month membership on our direct debit. However, you can buy term passes, a block or we offer the options to drop in to many of our classes for £10.

Q. What happens if there is an error in the amount deducted?

A. In the unlikely event that the wrong amount is deducted, we will invoice you a one off payment if it was an underpayment or we will refund you immediately if there was an overpayment. Once the prorate payment has been taken on sign up, the monthly Direct Debits will be the same, we would only have to change it manually when a change is made to your direct debit plan.  Therefore an admin error is only likely to occur during the one off pro rata payment or during a change of direct debit pass, although we feel this to be unlikely we will rectify the error as soon as possible.

Q. What happens if there is not enough money in my account when the debit is taken?

A. If Gocardless attempt to take a payment and it is unsuccessful, they will immediately inform Fit for a Princess via email.  If the payment fails due to lack of funds in your account, Fit for a Princess can ask GoCardless to retry that payment for you, or the you can manually retry it yourself via your account at GoCardless.