“From my first FFAP class I was made to feel incredibly welcome by the ever sunny Janey and also by the legions of mums who had ‘been there, done that and hadn’t slept either’.”


We welcome pregnant women and new mums to all our usual outdoor workout classes. Babies can be brought to the sessions in buggies and we sometimes have women who are still training with us the week before they give birth! This is because we always provide alternatives and women really enjoy our fun and friendly classes in the fresh air. We recommend our pre and post natal clients attend our 9.30am Wandsworth Common classes – Monday – Friday 9.30 – 10.30am.

All classes are one hour, but you’re welcome to take time out to rest, and don’t forget our weekend classes which you are more than welcome to attend.


Post natal park image

Testimonials from our pre & postnatal princesses:

“About 12 weeks after the birth of my first child I really wanted to ditch my elasticated maternity jeans and take the first steps towards reclaiming my wardrobe. Being a reluctant gym attendee at the best of times the thought of going to one dressed in my lumpy lycra and taking the plunge on my own did not appeal. Added to which I had to factor in the cost of the crèche every time I went!


“Looking at other options the thought of hardcore army-style workouts and obligatory grunts intimidated me slightly so when I was told about FFAP and spoke to Janey about coming along I got a good feeling straight away, and I wasn’t wrong. From my first FFAP class I was made to feel incredibly welcome by the ever sunny Janey and also by the legions of mums who had ‘been there done that and hadn’t slept either.’ I was encouraged to take things at my own pace and was given one-on-one attention for certain exercises that were tricky for a C-Section tummy. Initially it was a struggle, thanks to the endless waking patches in a new baby’s night, but I was surprised by how quickly I found myself doing the harder options and finding I had more energy each class to push myself. Also, if my daughter woke at an inopportune moment or if we were sent on a mini run, Janey was always on hand to jiggle the pram or wait by it as we went on our way. After four months of trying to go to three classes a week and eating the kinds of foods Janey suggested I shed the two stone I had set as my goal and I felt fab.”


“Second time around I went to classes whilst pregnant and did the modified exercises which certainly helped my post-baby shape. Now however, the real battle has commenced again, there may be more great trainers with ever more testing moves but that same encouragement, pram jiggling and general female camaraderie are as reliably there as the dog walkers on Wandsworth Common.”

Becky Larkin


“Exercise, fresh air and fun are all important ingredients whether you are pregnant or getting back into activities after your postnatal babymoon. You can save time by getting all three at once in a Fit for a Princess class!”

A.Francis – Independent Midwife and founder of Neighbourhood midwives

If you have any questions at all about pre or postnatal fitness at Fit for a Princess, please email us at princess@fitforaprincess.co.uk or call the office on 01622 884744.