Daily bootcamps

 “I’ve tried about a million different workout classes and never seem able to stick to them but Fit For A Princess is like a unique, inclusive and motivating club you feel instantly part of. Being in groups of all girls means you can have a natter AND get buns of steel at the same time. I did the nine day bootcamp and noticed my body had toned up beyond what I’d hoped. Now, I do the outdoor workouts at least three times a week. Pah to the rain! You don’t even notice it!” Lucie Cave – Editor of Heat Magazine

 “I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for all your support, motivation and training in the last year. I did the 5k Race for life on Wed in 31mins and without FFAP I would never have done that.”


“By far the most enjoyable – yet results driven – workout group I have ever done. I noticed my bum getting firm after a few days and those bingo wings are fast disappearing. So much nicer being outside than a sweaty smelly gym – even on drizzly days! And you feel very smug once you’ve finished as your hard work is already done for the day…”

Janey’s classic bootcamp master classes

 ‘I signed up to the three hour boot camp with Janey as I had really struggle to make it to normal classes the last month or so with the weather. The three hour bootcamp was a great boost and just what I needed to get motivated to get back out there and train. My enthusiam was reignited as it reminded me how much fun I have when I get out onto the common to train, as you not only get to have a good old natter with the other ladies but Janey is always full of fantastic health tips so it’s like an online forum and work out all rolled into one making the time fly by.’

‘I never thought I would survive the three hours but I did! I even managed to run round the 1km circuit twice – must have been all the lovely chat and company that kept me going! I also felt great for the rest of the weekend. Will be signing up for the next one!’


‘I really enjoyed the bootcamp and am doing one again in a fortnight. After a few months out due to injury I was very worried about coming back – but it was fine. I actually enjoyed myself and really liked the fact that there were low impact options too. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thanks FFAP!’

 Weekly bootcamps

 “I just wanted to write and say how much I’m enjoying Fit for a Princess. I never thought I’d look forward to exercising, but I find that FFAF is sometimes the highlight of my Saturday, it gives me a kick-start to the weekend, and as I’m often up early with my 2.5yr old, it’s just the time-out which I need and I’m loving it now the weather is getting better and really feeling the benefits.”


“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for an excellent bootcamp!! I had great fun and it was great to push myself out of my comfort zone. Getting up and out on the common for 6.15 was a challenge in itself! Thanks for all your encouragement and your sunny personality when the going got tough. I’m hooked and I’m looking forward to the next one.”


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing bootcamp – I thoroughly enjoyed training with you and I have been recommending FFAP everywhere I go!! You were really supportive and encouraging – it was a lot more fun that I had been expecting.”


“Thought it was a great experience and surprisingly inspiring. Great to be surrounded by such a disparate group of women who are all prepared to bust a gut to achieve their goals at 6.15 in the morning and remain smiley and supportive of one another, good life affirming stuff!”

 “I will never forget my first boot camp, you made me realise I could do more than I ever thought possible… Thank you for that! I just wanted to say thank you to Amanda and all my bootcamp trainers! I did my first boot camp six months ago and couldn’t run around the square at Clapham Common! Yesterday I ran the 5k Race for Life in 34 minutes! I never thought I would do that. Also, today is my 6 month anniversary of quitting smoking, as a result of giving up during that first bootcamp!! And not only did Fit for a Princess help me start to get my health back on track…my father in the US has taken up running again because I inspired him last time I was home!! He wants me to run a 5 mile charity race with him next weekend in my hometown! So as I sit in the taxi on my way to the airport, I wanted to thank you all for what you have done for me and even for my family!! I can’t wait to come back in September and do more bootcamps!! THANK YOU!”


“One of the things I enjoyed the most was the variety. No two days were the same even though we were working on the same areas (arms, legs, cardio etc). It was this variety that kept me motivated.”


“I thought the trainer was excellent; she was very well informed and answered all our questions on nutrition and lifestyle choices. I also found her to be an excellent motivator who made hard work seem (almost) fun! Just want to pass on my sincere thanks to you – I look forward to booking for the next two week bootcamp.”

 Cardio pilates bootcamps

 “It was brilliant! What I liked about it was that it was totally different from the other workouts/bootcamps, so in that sense it didn’t suffer from being the poorer cousin. But it also complemented the normal stuff and was challenging in its own way. The balance with 30 mins cardio then 45 mins pilates was just right – the cardio was always fun and chatty and got the endorphins and temperatures up, and I found that I mostly stayed warm throughout the pilates. The pilates was excellent – no room for chat because it requires concentration and Jo needs to continually talk you through the movements, but she has a great style and is an assured teacher. It made me very aware how good and complementary pilates is – because a lot of the exercises are used by physios, and the huge focus on your core stability, it makes you feel like you’re putting the icing on the cake, gaining excellent posture to be able to perform your usual fitness exercises in an even better, more focused way. And you’re also insuring yourself against injury and gain extra awareness of how your body functions.”


“What I loved was how peaceful, relaxing and healthy it was, whilst really doing some intensive body work!”

 “Just had to tell you how much I loved this bootcamp. The cardio is just enough and the pilates in the morning sun is wonderful – I’m gutted to be finishing! Jo was great too – she gave us strong, challenging pilates moves, encouraged our mixed fitness group and really taught us pilates basics fast. Thanks for another great idea!”


“It was brilliant. Loved the mix and Jo an excellent instructor – nice style, good pace and really good descriptions – I’m now hooked – bye bye yoga!!”


“This is the first boot camp I’ve done and I really enjoyed it. Jo is a great teacher – she’s really encouraging and explains everything very clearly. I’d never done pilates before, but I found the class easy to follow and definitely noticed a bit of an improvement in flexibility and fitness by the end of the week!”

Running bootcamps

 “Sorry it has taken me so long to getting around thanking you, but I just wanted to write and say what an amazing experience I found the Boot Camp. It has completely changed my routine (including keeping me off the wine and choc!) and I feel like a different person. For someone who runs 3-4 times a week, I found the benefits of all over body fitness really challenging, and it has strengthened my body and improved my running no end!”


“Fitness improved – before the bootcamp I had never run two miles without walking for part of this. By the end of the bootcamp I managed three miles without walking!”

 “Just wanted to say a big thank you for running the bootcamp so well. Despite being quite nervous I really enjoyed it and, as one of the more unfit princesses(!) never felt left behind. I feel a million times better and am now well on the way to getting back into my jeans after having a baby, and will be out tomorrow morning. I really loved the last two weeks – thanks for the right combination of pushing us and knowing when I was knackered! You were great!”