Rosalena is a range of Daily Moisturising Face Oils made from pure plant ingredients with no added preservatives or artifical ingredients. Each face oil is beautifully but naturally scented and combines the ancient wisdom of plant oils with contemporary botanical actives for maximum skin benefit.  We love the story that each one of our ingredients brings to your Rosalena experience, the experience of using your face oil is as important as the results they deliver.






The choice of face oils allows you to decide what you need & when, enabling you to choose which beauty oil is best suited to how you & your skin feel each day.

Take a Moment to Pause when applying your face oil to benefit from the aromatherapeutic properties.

A Mindful Moment every day benefits more than just your skin!


Rosalena’s hydrating oils penetrate into the skin cells along with added oil-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, right to where they are needed to nourish and hydrate skin. The molecules in these carefully chosen natural plant oils are so fine that they are directly and quickly absorbed into the dermis, the skin layer that lies directly beneath the surface of the skin.




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Get Your Glow with a range of products designed to suit the needs of your ever-changing skin;

Rock & Rose Face Oil: A natural radiance booster enriched with vitamins that will energize and brighten skin.

Love & Me Face Oil: Gentle hydration with natural beauty boosters for even the most sensitive skin. Discover a daily dose of peace and calm for a balanced mind.

Frank & Sense Face Oil: Repair and replenish your skin. These effective botanicals and vitamins rehydrate and nourish skin. The perfect antidote for seasonal skin transitions.

Beauty & The Beast Face Oil: A vitamin infused oil that’s instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated, toned and shine-free.  Ideal for pre-makeup application and post shave.