Jenn – Thermomix Advisor

So what is Thermomix? Well, the most advanced kitchen appliance around, Thermomix unites the functions of 12 appliances in one compact unit.  It brings endless possibilities to your fingertips as it saves time and effort; and unlocks your full culinary potential.

IT SAVES TIME… The Thermomix saves time in both the preparation and cooking of your food. A carrot cake mixture takes 30 seconds, a creamy, smooth custard takes 6 minutes and soup that would normally take 1-2 hours on the hob, will cook in 15 minutes from start to finish.

IT SAVES SPACE… Your Thermomix replaces over 10 other appliances in the kitchen, so you can throw out (or eBay) your other space consuming kitchen appliances – food processor, bread machine, juicer, coffee grinder, rice cooker, slow cooker, electric whisks and electronic scales, safely in the knowledge that one machine does it all.

IT SAVES MONEY… Although widely used by professional chefs in commercial kitchens, it was designed for use in the home. The serious home cook will benefit from savings of over £1000 a year on food costs and also appreciate the time saving benefits, including lower energy costs.

AND … The Thermomix is German engineered, solid, sturdy and built to last. Vorwerk has been producing the Thermomix since the 1960s and the machine is one of a kind with 23 patents.  To give you an idea of just how popular this machine is across the world, 1.3 million are sold each year and one is made every 2.5 seconds!!

Come and see how Thermomix can transform your kitchen by booking a free, no obligation, inspiring workshop with me either in the comfort of your own home with a few friends or come along to one of my weekly workshops run in my home in SW11. During the workshop, you will be taken through all the functions of the amazing Thermomix whilst doing 3 recipes and tasting everything, all in under of two hours.



Throughout March, Jenn is offering all Princess clients a free gift to those who host a workshop in their home and will also offer another gift for those who go on to purchase a Thermomix.

Please contact Jenn to book your Thermomix demo!

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