As FFAP founder Janey Holliday saw the needs of women evolve and as many core FFAP clients moved out of the area, she decided to take her lifestyle expertise and fitness programs online and founded Making Things Easy – the sister company to FFAP!

GET FIT IN FEB! All 28 day online bootcamps running 6th Feb to 5th March are just £50!

Her online programs are the perfect add-on to group outdoor workouts and particularly useful if you:

1. Can’t come to as many FFAP classes as you’d like
2. You used to come to FFAP classes but have now moved out of the area
3. Your work/family commitments have changed so you can’t attend the classes you used to
4. You need food / nutrition / mind / stress management support
5. You want to boost the results you’re getting at your FFAP classes


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Programs include:

Best Body Bootcamp – Understand and strive for your best body, help your body function at its best and create better body image – just £50 in Feb!

Sugar HIIT Bootcamp – The 28 day Sugar HIIT program but without the exercise – just £50 in Feb!

The Tummy ATTACK – Transform your tummy inside and out and learn love your tummy for life – just £50 in Feb!

Food Management Made Easy – Nail food management and better food choices once and for all and NEVER DIET AGAIN

Food Diary Analysis Made Easy – Janey analyses real women’s food diaries in audio format, jam packed full of top tips

BEST – An uplifting mindset program designed to help women become the best versions of themselves

Wine Management Made Easy – For women who want to drink less, break bad alcohol habits, but still enjoy wine in their lives

Emotional Eating – Break away from comfort, reward and treat eating by identifying your own personal food habits and beliefs

Confidence – Helping women understand and overcome their own confidence issues, get your Super Hero cape at the ready

For full details on all courses can be found HERE